As I move and mix paint to add complexity and layers to my art, I am reminded of the complexity and layering we add to ourselves as we experience life. The process of accepting imperfections and embracing the unique is key in life and in art. Through my work, I attempt to illustrate and document this beautiful process. 

I like to begin my paintings with an under-painting that include drips and many colors.  This frees me to look for spontaneous shapes and color combinations that inspire and “talk” to me as I develop them into a finished painting. I let the under layers I am proud of shine through and add complementing layers and interesting detail until I feel it is the best it can be and is something others are drawn to.

My goal in creating art is to share the beauty and transportation art can give those who stop to see it. I make art that offers a place of tranquility, inspiration and rejuvenation for my collectors. My hope is that my art gives a brief break from the constant noise that is today's busy world. 


I'm driven by the freeing process of combining colors and moving and mixing paint.  Self-taught, I studied a variety of mediums and with professional artists over the years as I experimented and found my voice.  My process of making art includes the act of intuitively solving a series of problems. I use my training and experience in art and life to create paintings and drawings that offer multiple interpretations.  

My family and I moved from Woodinville, WA and lived just west of Paris in France between 2003-2005. While there,  I decided to work on my French by taking a year long art class from Madame Anne-Marie Volodos in the small village of LePeq.  While I can't say it dramatically improved my French skills, it was an incredible learning experience and did re-ignite my lifelong interest in making art. 

Upon returning stateside in 2005, long-time mentor and abstract instructor Michael Ottersen at the Kirkland Art Center in Kirkland, WA lead me to abstract art after I tried a still life class. "Don't knock it till you try it," he said.  I tried it, and I was hooked. 

We moved to Colorado in 2011, allowing me to further expand my exposure to the diverse and vast abstract and figurative work. in Denver while being inspired by its expansive and beautiful landscape. During Covid, I began to explore my feelings about nature, and spent time painting outdoors and creating my vibrant nature series including my popular 5inx5in oil pieces.

With a BA in Communications/Advertising from the University of Washington, I've found painting to be another form of communicating. A Washington state native, sunny Colorado is now where I call home.  My love of baseball and golf is deep, so it is not surprising that these sports and the colors of them often appear in my abstract expressionism and figurative work.  As a freelance real estate copywriter for over 10 years, I've been writing luxury home marketing in the Denver metro area as well as writing professional bios for brokers and other professions. Incorporating writing, abstract, and nature into one piece is my current aim and a challenge I look forward to sharing in the near future..